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Barb Williams

So often in the heat of whatever controversy is on the front burner, we forget the major successes of this administration. Thanks for spelling them out. No president in my memory has had to deal with such a massive attempt to render him ineffective, for partisan and often petty reasons. It is sad. What might have been....I've been unhappy with some things.. you mention many of the less successful areas. But I am grateful for the successes.

Jeff Mariotte

As am I, Barb. Whether its through his leadership, or if he just happened to be the right man at the right time, his administration has seen a lot of positive, progressive change--marriage equality, health care, jobs, a thriving economy, maybe some action on climate change, and so much more--that will improve the lives of Americans across the spectrum.

Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell

That really is an amazing speech, moving and inspired. Thanks for sharing the links.

Jeff Mariotte

Im glad you liked it. I think its a speech that will be studied for years, just for its construction.

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